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  • Mr. Smith
    2019 Symphony Pinot Noir

Mr. Smith

For our first release, the Symphony Collection, Mr. Smith has joined up with renowned Californian winemaker, Josh Klapper. Klapper started his career as a wine steward, serving as a Sommelier at Sona Restaurant in Los Angeles, where he oversaw and curated their collection of more than 3000 wines. He then went “Sideways”, so to speak, and (after seeing the movie Sideways and making a trip up the coast to Santa Barbara), he decided to try his hand at becoming a winemaker himself. Now, with more than 15 years of experience, he cultivates relationships with fruit growers around the state to create the best varieties and “boutique” wines that cannot be found anywhere else. His wines boast of specific, what the French call, “terroir”- the character and taste exclusive to the regions where those grapes are grown. He hopes that with each sip, you will get to experience that same “terroir”.